The Telamonese was the official language of the Republic of Telamon. The story through this language begins with the Classical Period of Tela (10 BCE), when they established a language to make an international trade. This language was called "Telan" and it was very difficult to learn, so in the Five Kingdoms age (1035), Birrender II established a new language: the Classical Telamonese. easier to learn and write. In 2109 the language was updated and it was no longer 'Classical'. The Modern Telamonese, or Telamonese, is a dialect of the Luthorian language. The language is similar to the Luthorian, but not equal. It wasn't until the 44th century that the language changed, and the main language of Telamon changed to be Skjöldunga.

Dialects of the Telamonese and Telan Edit

Migadonian Telan (17 BCE) Edit

The Migadonian Telan was a dialect of the Telan, which was a mixture of Telan and an own language called Classical Migadonian.

(Modern) Migadonian (3724) Edit

The Modern Migadonian is an actual dialect of the Telamonese used in Migadon. It mixes the language of the Telamonese with the Jelbic language one.

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