Confederation of Temania
Flag of Temania
Location of Temania
Location of Temania

  others Mondesian, Kahadean, Nelayan
Demonym Temanian
Government Confederation
  Legislature Imperial Senate
Kepala Pemimpin n/a
Area 8,515,767 km²
Population 193,008,709 
For the continent, see Temania (continent)

The Confederation of Temania, (Mondesian: GabunganTemania; Temanian: Konfederasi Temania; Nelayan: Konfederasi Temania; Kahadean: Gabungan Temania), commonly referred to as simply Temania or often as the Confederation, is a confederation of three countries on the Temanian continent. It shares a land border in the North-West with Noumonde and in the North with New Alduria. To the nation’s South-West is Tropica.

Formed following the failure of the Socialist Republic of Temania, the Confederation is comprised of the Federal Kingdom of Dikurniakan, the Nelayatan Republic, and the Makmurtan Commonwealth, all of whom consider themselves sovereign nations. Two of the above, namely the Nelaya and Makmurtan are parliamentary democracies much in the fashion of the Luthorian and Beiteynu governments which colonised them. Dikurniakan has been to a greater extent culturally influenced by the Canrillaise nations, and consequently hosts a constitutional monarchy, though the monarch retains extensive powers.  

Despite being called a Confederation, the political structure in Temania is a compromise system, which can be thought of as somewhere between confederalism and federalism. Whilst each nation has full legislative and executive powers over their own territory, to the extent that in some examples there are border checks between a couple of the nations with the Confederation, foreign policy is shared and Kepala Pemimpin, Temanian for “Chief of Leaders” which is rotated between the Head of States every five years.

The territory controlled by the nations within Temania is believed to be the place of origin of the Nautic peoples, and this is reflected in the ethnic, linguistic, and cultural makeup of the Confederation. Present within the Confederation can be found the Mondesians, Nelayans, Kahadeans, and Manmerians, as well as small enclaves of people from the neighbouring nations.

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