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Country [[{{{country}}}]]
Region [[{{{region}}}]]
Government {{{regime}}}
  Governing body {{{governing_body}}}
  {{{mayoral_title}}} {{{mayor}}}
  Ruling party(s) {{{ruling_party(s)}}}
Area {{{area}}}
Population {{{population}}}


|formal_name = <!--City of XYZ-->
|short_name = <!--Short name of the city-->
|flag_image = <!--Just include the flag's file name-->
|city_image = <!--Just include the image's file name-->
|image_description = <!--Description of above image-->
|country = <!--Countries informal name (i.e. Dorvik, Rildanor, Vanuku)-->
|region = <!--What region/state is the city in-->
|regime =  <!--Mayor-Council, City Council, etc.-->
|governing_body = <!--Name of the governing body (i.e Haldorian Senate, Petrograd Soviet)-->
|mayoral_title = <!--Title of mayor (i.e. Lord Mayor, Mayor, etc.)-->
|mayor = <!--Name of mayor-->
|ruling_party(s) = <!--Ruling party or parties-->
|area = <!--Area of city-->
|population = <!--Population of the city-->
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