The Tennō is the Head of State of Sekowo.


The term Tennō comes from the Gao-Showa, literally translated as 'Heavenly Sovereign'. However in Sekowan tradition the term is used as the general translation for Head of State and is not meant to carry and spiritual conontation.


While the Tennō is a Monarch the current system is an elective Monarchy. The election of a new Tennō occurs when one of three things occurs;

  • The government no longer has confidence in the sitting Tennō.
  • A new ruling House is chosen.
  • The extinction of the ruling family.


The powers of the Tennō are currently provisional until such a time that a Constitution codifying them (and others) is developed.

Currently the Tennō is granted the following official powers by law;

  • The issuance of a declaration of martial law in the federal metropolis of Kasmenai.
  • The power to manage the deployment and movement of troops during times of war.
  • The issuance of executive orders in line with the law to direct the operations of the various

executive agencies.

  • The power to create protected reserves, landmarks and historical sites.
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