TerraMedia S.p.A.
TerraMedia logo.png
Type Publicly traded (Società per azioni)
Traded as RISE: TRM
Industry Mass Media
Founded March 4146
Viale di Monte di Grazia 155, 00255 Milona, Istalia
Viale Alto Sala 20, 00167 Romula, Istalia (future HQ)
Area Served Worldwide
Key people
Roberto Mariani (Chairman and CEO)
Enrico Mariani (Vice-Chairman)
Federico Fontana (CMO)
Marina Lanzi di Spalliata(CFO)
Free-to-air and subscription television broadcasting
Television and Cinema Productions
Music (Record Label)
Web portals
Revenue LIS£4.68 billion (4186)
Net income LIS£1.15 billion (4186)
Main Subsidiaries

TerraMedia Studios
Il Sole Finanziario

Hasan-Mariani Holding & Investement Group (52%)
Aljann S.p.A. (21%)
Gruppo d'Investimento Nova S.p.A. (15%)
Public shares (12%)
Employees 48,600

TerraMedia S.p.A., also known with its previous name PMI Media Group, is an Istalian multinational mass media corporation headquartered in Milona. It is considered one of the world's largest media group since the middle of 42nd century. The corporation is present in most part of the nations of Terra and owns many other companies in the field of the Entertainment, like cinema production companies as well as newspapers and radio stations.

History[edit | edit source]

Founded by Roberto Mariani in March 4146 as local television in Milona, around the end of the '60s it became one of the major television company in Istalia and in 4172 the headquarter was officially moved in Romula into a new modern skyscraper from which started the conquest of the international markets.
Thanks to the increasing expansion of the istalian economy around the world, also PMI Media Group achieved to establish subsidiaries in several Artanian and Seleyan nation, while in Majatra the Group expanend only in the aftermath of the Terran FIFA World Cup of 4235 hosted by Istalia for which PMI Media acted as one of the main sponsor and achieved to purchaise the tv rights for the broadcasting of the Cup worldwide.

In 4309 PMI Media Group officially change its name in TerraMedia, to better reflect the international presence of the Group all around Terra.

Subsidiaries[edit | edit source]

As mentioned, TerraMedia is a veritable media conglomerate, controlling subsidiaries in every continet and most part of Terra's nations. The most important subsidiaries are:

  • Mediagroup S.p.A.: it is the Istalian based main commercial broadcasting company of the Group. It is the main competitor of the public broadcasting company ERIS.
  • GlobeNews: the main international news television and radio service of the Group, it is broadcasted in all the nations of Terra and offers news no stop 24 hours a day.
  • TerraMedia Studios: It is the film studio and production & distribution company of TerraMedia, one of the largest film studio worldwide.
  • CMB: the Continentem Meridionalis Broadcasting (abbreviated CMB) is the main Sat television platform of TerraMedia, heavily diffused in Majatra.
  • Il Sole Finanziario: it is the most important financial newspaper of Istalia and one of the most authoritative specialized newspaper in Majatra and Worldwide.
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