The Terran Union is an international organization made up of representatives from parties throughout the countries of the world. The primary goal of the Terran Union is to promote peace, prosperity and understanding among the nations of Terra. The Terran Union was conceptualized by the Hosian National Party in Deltaria, the White First Party in Saridan, the Dorvish Social Nationalist Party in Dorvik, the Jelbek Liberal Party and Jelbek Green Justice Party in Jelbania, the Social Democratic Party in Egelion, the National Front in Lourenne, and the Lodamese Federalist Party in Lodamun. Together these parties coordinated to begin the foundations of the Terran Union.

The Terran Union is headed by the Secretary-General of the Terran Union and is assisted by a Deputy Secretary-General, both are elected by the Terran Council. The Terran Council is made up of delegates from political parties throughout the world to represent the individual choices and wishes of people. Nations can agree to send a permanent representative to the Terran Union rather then sending individual parties, this however has to be done within the nation.

The Terran Union unofficially was founded in 3520 but the process of formalizing the agreements has come slow.