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Haus von Thaller
Head of Family Cedrik II
Founded 3987
Family Palace Thaller Fortress

(Festung zu Thaller)

Nation Narikaton (& Darnussia)







Titles Too many
Political Ideology Monarchism, Thallerism
Political Position Far Right (Varied)
Colors Grey & Purple
Motto Vaterland und Führer

(Fatherland and Leader)

The von Thaller Family is a royal house which originated in Dundorf but its progenitor Marlon I moved the family to Narikaton where he claimed the throne.

Thaller Fortress[]

Thaller Fortress (Festung zu Thaller) is the traditonal seat of the Family and its offspring on a Island near Narikaton. Where exactly the holding lies is unknown to the general public and a well kept secret. There are speculations but nothing proven.


The Thaller family were low nobility in Dundorf before Marlon I moved from Dundorf to Narikaton and Darnussia due to political prosecution in the Dundorfian Democratic Republic. Marlon I created the Iron Ring as a party and won the election. After harassing the other parties out of the country the Ring took over with a super majority effectively turning the country at first into a military junta and then into a Kingdom. Often disputed but they managed to establish themselves after decades of political bickering with the opposition. In the early days of the Thallers on the throne their legitmacy was often questioned.

After the death of Marlon I in 4083, his first born son Cedrik I was successfully crowned as the new King in the same year, the legitimacy of the Thaller dynasty improved drastically. They now were recognized nobles on Artania which was also partially caused by marrying into the original noble family of Darnussia, House of Darntus-Raux.

Traditionally the Family aligns with the political right wing but there are some in the House who oppose this alignment. For example the line of Jens (I-III) and his daugther Selene von Thaller are known as defenders of liberal-conservative values and freedom of speech. The main-line mostly followed National-Socialism. Another branch of the family which is the Karl Line differs only on the economic stance, they identify themselves as "National-Capitalists."

Another branch of the family called the Eschenbach-Thaller's stemmed for Markus von Thaller who married Heide von Eschenbach. Following this marriage a split developed between Markus and his Brother Phillip regarding how Dundorf should be run and how the monarchy should involve itself in politics. Eventually this lead to Markus and his family leaving Dundorf and moving to Davostan, where Markus eventually died of cancer. The rest of the Eschenbach-Thaller dynasty spent their lives fighting the oppressive imperial regime, they succeeded for a short while but then were driven out. Following this they spread across Terra occasionally surfacing in politics but overall they ended up fading into obscurity and the Eschenbach-Thaller line eventually died out. The Eschenbach-Thaller all believed in Modern Constitutional monarchy, where the royalty has no place in politics and must remain unbiased, they were seen as liberal and forward thinking.

The Thaller family promotes an ideology known as Thallerism which is a synthetic ideology in the sense that a variety of political beliefs can be combined with support for a Thallerist Monarchy.

To this day the family often has to stand before trial for their political views.

Monarchs and Presidents[]

The Thallers not only held titles of nobilty but also were in some form democratically elected which is not limited to Narikaton and Darnussia but on many other parts on terra.


Picture Name Monarch From Monarch Until Relationship to Previous Monarch
Marlon Thaller.jpg Marlon I 4078 4083 Founder
Cedrik Thaller.jpg Cedrik I 4083 4139  Son
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Murlol I 4139  4174 Son
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Marlon II 4174 4188 Son
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Jens II 4188 4209 Cousin
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Marlon VI 4262 4284 Great-Nephew
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Cedrik II 4284 Present Son


Picture Name President From President Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Jens 4123 4127


Picture Name President From President Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Phillipp 4131 4175
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Marianne 4177 4189


Picture Name King From King Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Marlon IV 4199 4213


Picture Name Head of State From Head of State Until
Szőke Norbert I 4263 4283
Norbert Von Thaller.jpg
Norbert I 4289, 4309 4292, 4332
Nikolai I 4332 4353
The Grand Council (Numerous Thallers) 4354 4442
Manosindus Von Thaller 4456 4500


Picture Name Head of State From Head of State Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Jens I 4266 4282
Intrsmor.png Jemrjkai.jpg Intrsmor &
4282 4300


Picture Name Head of State From Head of State Until
Malgus III 4260 4264


Picture Name Head of State From Head of State Until
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG
Julius von Thaller 4546 4548