Thallerism describes a synthetic ideology in which economic and social aspects of other ideologies are combined with a monarchy under a family member of the Thallers.

History Edit

People consider the first ideologist and thallerist politician to be Marlon Thaller himself. He described himself as a nationalist monarchist which describes the roots of the ideology quite well. Before he indulged in self-chauvinism, he tried to put the pretenders from other narikato-darnussian houses on the throne. Once he realized that he himself is very popular and it is only possible to create a monarchy with himself as the ruler, he did so and therefore created thallerism. The first thallerist followers were actually just people that adored Marlon Thaller and nothing more. In time the personality (rather family) cult escalated into something far more, gaining international followers as well as attention in general.

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