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The Call of Suffering
The Call of Suffering film image.jpg
A shot from the movie
Directed by Marco Autieri
Produced by Pietro Bonaventura
Cecilia Hawk
Written by Ahmad Qurain
Carolina Bertello
Isaac Vanderbilt
Starring Valerio Zunini
Carla Amici
Sante Lucchini
Music by Filiberto Mattioli
Cinematography Gino Strada
Edited by Chiara Salvetti
Paolo Nebbio
Production company TerraMedia Studios
Distributed by TerraMedia Studios
Release date 5 April 4585 (Romula)
Running time 183 minutes
Country Istalia
Language Istalian
Budget £92 million
Box office £603.2 million

The Call of Suffering (Istalian: Il richiamo della sofferenza) is an Istalian historical movie directed by Marco Autieri and produced by TerraMedia Studios in 4585 . It is the first movie of a trilogy on the Great Terran War, formed also by the movies Trail of Death and The Stag and the Dragon.

The plot is centered on the efforts by part of the people enslaved by the Deltarians to rebels to their masters and thus on the events which led the free nations of the world to intervene at the cry of suffering of the slaves under the Deltarian yoke.