Before my family comes nothing.

History Edit

Chann Family Flag & Crest

The Chann family is considered one of the more notable families in Solentia since their immigration from Indrala in the late 3100s. Since then, they have occupied high office and cabinet positions in the Solentian government and have amassed great wealth through government contracts and their corporate entity, Chann National Corporation and its main subsidiaries Chann Defense Industries and ChannOil. Their great ancestors prior to their immigration to Solentia were the "Stewards of the Empire" for the Emperor of Indrala and there are branches of the family still active in Indrala. However, their Solentian branches have gained prominence among the branches worldwide.

Currently, a large branch has taken root in Kafuristan, where Chann Defense Industries High Gen. Rithisak Chann has invaded and taken over the country in an attempt to stabilize the region in the interest of Solentia and with the blessing of President Malcolm-Maxwell of the Unionist party. Meanwhile, High Gen Rithisak Chann has declared Kafuristan as the new home for any Chann's who wish for a new start and has implemened many controversial policies, including an completely open immigration policy, mandated Solentian education in class, and the notorious "Land Claim" which allows any Chann family member or descendant to utilize the governments eminent domain powers to seize land for themselves.