The Naming and Succession Act was a bill presented by the Social Democrat Party in the Republic of Luthori. The Bill passed with 414 voting yes and 116 voting no on the 1 June 4594 . This bill details the official names and succession of the government offices in Luthori.

Naming and Succession Edit

Prime Minister - Prime Minster 

(The Great Four)- The top four Roles in Government: 

1. Internal Affairs - Deputy Prime Minister 

2. Finance - Chancellor of the Exchequer

3. Foreign Affairs - Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Foreign Secretary) 

4. Infrastructure and Transport - Secretary of State for the Home Department (Home Secretary)

Cabinet List Continue: 

5. Defence - Secretary of State for Defence

6. Trade and Industry - Secretary of State for International Trade and Industry (Trade Secretary)

7. Health and Social ServicesSecretary of State for Health and Social Care (Social Care Secretary)

8. Education and Culture - Secretary of State for Education (Education Secretary)

9. Food and Agriculture - Secretary of State for Food and Rural Affairs (Rural And Food Secretary) 

10. Environment and Tourism - Secretary of State for the Environment and Tourism (Environment Secretary)

11. Justice - Chancellor of Justice 

12. Science and Technology - Chairman of the Board of Science and Technology

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