The Second Congress of the Delegates of the Left for Progress Party (shortly just Second Congress) is the second congress of the ruling body of the LP.

The fractions Edit

The contrary between the Hughes-family and Collot Emmillion within the party was escalated.

Ella-Rose Hughes and William Hughes created the Centrist Fraction. Collot Emmilion reacted for that and he created the Social Democratic Fraction as an answer. The fractions officially accepted in the Second Congress.

The proposals Edit

Collot Emmillion's proposal of the candidates for the cabinet and presidency:

  • Collot Emmillion, President
  • Louisa Wood, Head of Government
  • Lillie Harvey, Foreign Affairs
  • Zach Clarke, Internal Affairs
  • William Hughes, Finance
  • Elias Wilkinson, Defence
  • Hudson Pearce, Justice
  • Sami Cunningham, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Jake Black, Health and Social Services
  • Beau Hunter, Education and Culture
  • Casper Johnson, Science and Technology
  • Calvin Brooks, Food and Agriculture
  • Lewi Wattson, Environment and Tourism
  • Parker Wattson, Trade and Industry

Ella-Rose Hughes proposal of the candidates for the cabinet and presidency:

  • Collot Emmillion, President
  • William Hughes, Head of Government
  • Jasmine Murray, Foreign Affairs
  • Baylee Barber, Internal AFFAIRS
  • Ella-Rose Hughes, Finance
  • William Fuller, Defence
  • Jessica Adams, Justice
  • Dakota Fuller, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Tom Nicholson, Health and Social Services
  • Harley Murphy, Science and Technology
  • Lauren West, Food and Agriculture
  • Vivien Guy, Environment and Tourism
  • Gail Bradford, Trade and Industry.

Result Edit

First, the Second Congress accepted the fractions. Then the Delegates elected the proposal of Collot Emmillion.

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