Daralian-Ushalandan War
Part of The Terror
Battle of Sfîntu Gheorghe
Date February 3, 1953-June 13, 1954
Location Deltaria
  • Daralian victory;
  • Collapse of Great Deltaria
  • Proclamation of the Republic of Deltaria.
Kingdom of Darali flagKingdom of Darali
Chadonia FlagTrigunia
Kingdom of Ushalande flagKingdom of Ushalande
Kingdom of Dissuwa flagKingdom of Dissuwa
Kingdom of Darali flag General Černosek
Kingdom of Darali flag Premier Havliček
Kingdom of Darali flag General Pavlovič
Kingdom of Darali flag Iván Smolenak
Chadonia Flag General Konstantin Fedorovich Streltsov
Kingdom of Ushalande flag Marshal Ion Petrescu

Trigunian occupation
Part of The Terror
Battle of Čachtice
Battle of Čachtice
Date June 21, 1954-September 17, 1954
Location Deltaria
  • Deltarian victory;
  • Withdrawal of Trigunian forces.
Chadonia Flag Trigunia Deltalaurel2 Republic of Deltaria
Kingdom of Ushalande flag Kingdom of Ushalande
Hammer sickle clean Communist Party of Deltaria
Chadonia Flag General Konstantin Fedorovich Streltsov Deltalaurel2 President Iván Smolenak
Kingdom of Ushalande flagMarshal Ion Petrescu
Hammer sickle clean Oldřich Pardubický


  • February 3, 1953: Daralian Ultimatum to Ushalande;
  • February 5, 1953: Hundred Mile Retreat (Ushalande);
  • July 10, 1953: Marshal Ion Petrescu appointed Premier of the Kingdom of Ushalande;
  • September 25-October 2, 1953: Battle of Loděnice, Darali (Dissuwan & Ushalandan attackers vs. Daralian & Trigunian defenders; Trigunians retreat);
  • June 13, 1954: Ushalande surrenders;
  • June 14, 1954: Okhranka member Marko assassinates Czar Iván, Czarina Stefania, General Černosek, Premier Havliček, General Pavlovič;
  • June 21, 1954 Iván Smolenak proclaims the Republic of Deltaria, and appoints himself provisional President;
  • July 27, 1954: Oldřich Pardubický, leader of the Communist Party of Deltaria, is killed in Viarnassus; the party is destroyed by Smolenak's forces by the end of the week, with the exception of underground cells in Čachtice and Sfîntu Gheorghe;
  • September 9, 1954: Battle of Čachtice: Smolenak destroys the Trigunian garrison with the help of the communist party underground;
  • September 17, 1954: "11 Days in Ushalande": Trigunian garrison in Sfîntu Gheorghe surrenders

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