The Third Congress of the Delegates of the Left for Progress Party (shortly just Third Congress) is the third congress of the ruling body of the LP.

Speeches Edit

The Congress begun with the resign of Louisa Wood, the Supreme Second-delegate and the candidate for Head of Government of the LP. She made a short speech about that. The next is the full speech.

"First, I have to say thanks to all of the 36,096 people who vote to us in the last month. Really thank you! But clear to us that this result is really not success. Be honest: this is a terrible failure. I take every responsibility. Maybe I was a bad contender on the Candidates Debate. Maybe I do wrong the things. Nevermind. The essence is that I am resign my position as a Supreme Second-delegate and I am resign as candidate for Head of Government of this party. I don't accept any other opinion, this is my choice. I wish good luck and win for July, 4734 to the Progress! Thank you!"

After the ex-candidate Collot Emmillion made a longer speech. The next the most important part of that speech.

"Before the speech, I have to say about Ms. Wood. Not Ms. Wood's mistake the terrible result, that is our mistake and I am very sorry that she resign but as she want I respected her choice. [...] We must go on on this defeat and If to this necessary my resign, I resign too. But I don't know is necessary or not. So the choice is yours. I intiated a distrust vote against myself."

The distrust vote Edit

After Emillion's speech the delegates are vote about him. There is 357 "stay in position" and 143 "don't stay in position".

Result Edit

Louisa Wood was resigned, but Emmillion is stay in position. The Congress decided to vote about the new candidate for Head of Government at the Fourth Congress. In the meantime, the Communication Director of the LP, Xander Fletcher become the Supreme Second-delegate and the candidate for Head of Government.

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