Theodosio IV
Emperor of the Augustans
Grand Master of the Order of Saint Parnum
Theodosio IV
Reign3607 - 3642
PredecessorAlexander VI
SuccessorNikandro I
Full name
Theodosio Lagojno
Royal HouseLagojno
FatherCzar Viktor I
ReligionTerran Patriarchal Church
OccupationMonarch, monk

Theodosio IV Lagojno was the first monarch of the modern Augustan Empire, established in 3607. He was elected by the Imperial Senate soon after the adoption of the Treaty of the Augustan Empire and reigned for nearly four decades. Under his reign the Empire grew to encompass nearly the entire territory of the medieval Augustan Empire, and at its height his realm was the largest, most populous, and most powerful nation on Terra. The tensions resulting from such unprecedented growth of Augustan power eventually led to the Jelbic-Augustan Wars; although the empire grew further owing to Augustan military victories, it also became a victim of its own success when in 3637 Nikandro Heraklito, the architect of imperial victories in Jelbania and Barmenia turned against the empire. Using his Black Horde Heraklito defeated the empire in Temrkai's War. The resulting Treaty of Sebasto forced Theodosio IV to abdicate, and as per Augustan custom his nose was cut off, so that he would not be able to reign again. Theodosio was exiled to a monastery, where he spent the last years of his life, and died in 3649.

Prior to his election to the imperial throne, Theodosio IV was the Grand Master of the Order of Saint Parnum, the largest military-monastic order of the Terran Patriarchal Church, a position which he retained after his coronation. During his life Theodosio's parentage and details about his childhood were not publically known, except that his birthplace was the nation of Dorvik. A rumor circulating during his life was confirmed after his death, namely that his birth was engineered by the Builders' dictatorship ruling Dorvik at the time using sperm collected from Deltarian Czar Viktor I during the Fall of the Deltarian Empire[1]. Theodosio was therefore a member of the Deltarian House of Čestibor, although he remains known by his publically assumed surname, Lagojno (an Augustanization of the Selucian word lagoena, meaning "bottle", a possible reference to his in vitro conception).


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