Administrative status
Mayor Ana Xental
Founded 2120
Population 2,785,854 (4485)
Region Louives
Nation Lourenne

Thiers is a large, urban city in central Louives located in Lourenne. Thiers is home to many Lourennais technological companies, specifically, in the Golden Valley.

Thiers sits just north of the Rasten Mountain range that extends from eastern Louives to northern Outannais.

Geography Edit

Thiers is a massive city of around 5.7 million people. Its metropolitan areas sits at a large 8 million people. Thiers is situated neat the Rasten Mountains which gives the city a difficult area for the construction of tall skyscrapers.

Education Edit

Thiers is home to many popular universities in Lourenne. The education system in Thiers is expected to be the best in eastern Lourenne, however it does not overcome the standards of Delaune's education system that takes place at Delaune University.

  • University of Lourenne at Thiers
  • Thiers National University
  • Technologie Astéria's Polytechnical School
  • University of Thiers
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