Ținut of Tiania
Country Kizenia
Languages Kizenian Language
Demonym Tianese
Area 304,200 km²
Population 20,018,172 (3176)
Capital Déltábor
Major Cities Déltábor
Delegates to the United Assembly 20

Tiania is the southernmost Province of Kizenia, and its most important farmland, producing over 80% of the nation's agricultural output. The Tiania Valley, between the Tiania river (which forms the Egelion border) and the Kirzon Range (which forms the Dolgarian border) is the heart of the heartland, containing most of the population.

Tiania is divided into ten Districts, which are often named for the largest city in each unit.

District Name District ID
South Déltábor KK-Z11
Déltábor KK-Z12
North Déltábor KK-Z13
Străina KK-Z14
Lupta KK-Z15
Deporci KK-Z02
Satuamare KK-Z03
Chirzona KK-Z04
Vama KK-Z05
Vama Nouă KK-Z06

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History Western Meria Crisis
Geography Cetatea Albă
Politics Political parties
Demographics Ethnic groups: Kizenians, New Endralonians, Kuzakis
Religion: Kizenian Patriarchal Church - Ameliorate Church of Kuzaki - Independent Confessing Church of Kizenia
Culture Sport - Monarchy (Kizenia) - Armed Forces
Economy Dollar
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