Tianshun Emperor
His Imperial and Royal Majesty and Radiant Highness, Sun Yijun, Son of Heaven, King, Sovereign, and Emperor of Yingdala

Statue memorial to the Tianshun Emperor on Rendong Island, Guozhou
1st Emperor of the State of Indrala
Yu Dynasty
Reign 1 December 4338 - 8 March 4419
Enthronement 1 December 4338
Predecessor Monarchy established
Successor Jianwen Emperor
Spouse Empress Wenming
Full Name Sun Yijun
Era name and dates
Tianshun: 1 December 4338 - death
House Sun Clan
Father Sun Luhan
Mother Ryeo Kyunghee
Born 1 August 4315
Sun Yi Pavillion, Kaizhou, Indrala
Died 8 March 4419 (aged 103)
The Heavenly City, Tian'an, Han, Indrala
Burial Tianshun Emperor Mausoleum
Religion Jienism/Guidao

Sun Yijun (Indralan: 孫怡君; 1 August 4315 – 8 March 4419) was the founder of the Yu Dynasty of Indrala and the first emperor of this dynasty from 1 December 4338 until his death in 8 March 4419. He ascended the throne as the Tianshun Emperor (Indralan: 天順; literally: "obedience to Heaven") in reference to the popular religious movement which placed him on the Dragon Throne. Prior to becoming Emperor, the Tianshun Emperor was a student and then an active service member in the Indralan Armed Forces.

A peace-loving emperor, the Tianshun Emperor urged his government to remain out of armed conflict. In an edict issued in 4350, the Tianshun Emperor declared his pacifism through a poem:

"The seas of the four directions— all are born of one womb: why, then, do the wind and waves rise in discord?"
The Tianshun Emperor is also regarded as being concerned with the welfare of his people, and the essential equality of all Indralans. This was displayed during the marriage crisis between the Palace scholars and staff and the Emperor's son, Crown Prince Yinju, for his decision to marry a commoner. In a display of his acceptance and advocacy of the marriage, the Tianshun Emperor fired 1,000 staff members who opposed the union.

During his reign, the Tianshun Emperor oversaw the construction of multiple Imperial post-secondary institutions including the Haejo Imperial College, Dawei Imperial College and Kyung-hee Imperial University.

The son of Princess Kyunghee of Dankuk, the Emperor along with his brother Prince Kai, undertook many clandestine efforts to garner support against the Taeyang Regime in Dankuk which deposed his maternal grandfather.

Early life Edit

Sun Yijun was born to petty-noble Sun Luhan and Princess Kyunghee of Dankuk. During his childhood, Sun was very close with his family, often embarking on horseback riding trips with his father and younger brother[1]. His love for horseback riding, archery and martial arts intensified during his adolescence.


Dawei Miracle Edit

Coronation Edit


Portrait of the Tianshun Emperor shortly after coronation; the Fifth Republic Flag is used as the backdrop, as the Yu Dynasty Flag had not yet been adopted.

Reign Edit

Crown Prince Marriage Crisis Edit

Death and monuments Edit


Memorial statue to the Tianshun Emperor on Rendong Island, Meihua.

Ancestry and family Edit

Issue Edit

Name Birth Marriage Their children Their grandchildren
Crown Prince Yinju 4342 Jiang Kwan, Princess-consort Prince Jianlong None
Prince Jianhao None
Princess Fengmian None
Princess Jieyou 4342 Wang Xiaofu, Viscount Lady Feihung None
Prince Wanjun 4348 unmarried Prince Hongtao None

References Edit

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