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Total population 4 millions
Regions with significant populations KnTri.png Trigunia:
  • Tirgitland - 3,765,000
  • Zapadnaja Chadonia - around 150,000
Language Tirgitian, Hulstrian, Rodshya
Religion Ameliorate - 75%

Atheism 20%
Other - 5%

Related ethnic groups Hulstrian

Tirgitians (Tirgitian: Tirgitener) - ethnic group, mostly live on Tirgith .

Tirgitians formed in the southwestern Tirgith, based on mixing traders came from the south and the ancient native population. Later they absorbed Sullestian, Hulstrian and Trigunian elements.


Starting from the 15th century on the territory of Tirgith traders came from many countries. Those who decided to stay on the island, some time together in a single nation. Because of the similarity of culture they have long been regarded as one people with the Hulstrian.


Most Tirgitians speak Tirgitian, Hulstrian or Rodshya.


Most Tirgitians - Ameliorates. 20% of Tirgitians are atheists.