Total population 4 millions
Regions with significant populations KnTri.png Trigunia:
  • Tirgitland - 3,765,000
  • Zapadnaja Chadonia - around 150,000
Language Tirgitian, Hulstrian, Rodshya
Religion Ameliorate - 75%

Atheism 20%
Other - 5%

Related ethnic groups Hulstrian

Tirgitians (Tirgitian: Tirgitener) - ethnic group, mostly live on Tirgith .

Tirgitians formed in the southwestern Tirgith, based on mixing traders came from the south and the ancient native population. Later they absorbed Sullestian, Hulstrian and Trigunian elements.

History[edit | edit source]

Starting from the 15th century on the territory of Tirgith traders came from many countries. Those who decided to stay on the island, some time together in a single nation. Because of the similarity of culture they have long been regarded as one people with the Hulstrian.

Language[edit | edit source]

Most Tirgitians speak Tirgitian, Hulstrian or Rodshya.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Most Tirgitians - Ameliorates. 20% of Tirgitians are atheists.

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