Tokundian War of Independence
Cobs and Toks
Coburan infantry engaging Tokundian forces
Date March 4058 - May 9, 4072
Location Tokundi, Cobura
Coburaalternate1 Cobura Flag Tokundi Tokundian Republic
Coburaalternate1 FM Etshosh Banemes

Hawu Mumenhes Flag Adm DeQuan MaatyTaphmēi

Flag Tokundi President Veljko Ciritović

Augustan Zardugal President Maŭrikio Asano

Est. ??? (Cobura)
 ??? (Hawu Mumenhes)
 ??? (Tokundi Republic)
 ??? (Zardugal)
Casualties and losses
Est. up to ??? dead  ??? dead

The Tokundian War of Independence (Tokundian: Домовински рат Domovinski rat, meaning "Homeland War") was an ethnic and religious conflict waged over the sovereignty of the Tokundi peninsula and the self-determination of ethnic Tokundians in the Majatran nation of Cobura.


Independence referendumEdit

Assassination of LordEdit

Zardic interventionEdit

Hawu interventionEdit

Fall of TokundiEdit

End and aftermathEdit

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