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Total population
... million
Regions with significant populations
Koburio flag.png Cobura
New Czarist flag Deltaria.png Deltaria
Sultanate of United Jakania.png Jakania
13.9 million
1 million
Tokundian language
Daralian language
Coburan language
Terran Patriarchal Church
Related ethnic groups
Statricans, Daralians, Alazindians, Dorons, Akigans, Ushalandans, Dissuwans, other Delic and related peoples

The Tokundian People are fused together forever by their shared ancestry. Their violent past continues to haunt them to this day. Their children are brought up with their grandparents recitations of the Tokundian national epics, the Ríša's of the Štefan, the survival of the Tokindian race through Princ Konstantin's march through the wilderness, Vasiljs creation of a new Eden, and the legends of Cišer Lazar the Majatran slayer all form the Tokundian national cult that fuels endemic racism against all non-Tokundians.


Main article: Deltarian History

Early History[]

The Great Trek (1400-1500)[]

With the collapse of the Tokundian Empire and the subsequent removal of most of the Tokundian leadership, along with the main Tokundian field army, the Tokundian people were on the verge of annihilation. However several smaller ethnic Tokundian settlements and a few minor warbands were still active, and for a while looked like holding out against the rest of the Deltarian tribes. Under the leadership of Prince Konstantin, the last legitimate heir to the Cisár's, collected together the dispersed remainder of the Ríša, and began the Great Trek to find a sanctuary for the Tokundian people. With approximately 12,000 followers, of whom perhaps 3,000 were actually fighting huscarles, Konstantin set out from the fortified town of Tokburgh. With heavy enemy concentrations to the north, west and east, the column was forced to march south into Majatran territory.

Marching through the province of Darali, the column was forced to fight for its life, losing a number of followers to the combined influence of starvation, disease and attack. However upon reaching the Great Inland Sea the columns chances began to improve. Several Tokundian settlements existed in the area, and the plentiful supply of fish brought relief to the column. From the settlements it became clear that the world did not end at the Sea, and that there was plenty of land to the south ripe for new settlements.

With the arrival of stragglers, loyalists and exiles from other tribes, the column gained strength and once again began its march. At the Gorge Pass it linked up with Prince Vasilije and Vojvoda Djordje, two remaining scions of the House of Stefan who had successfully led Tokundi resistance in the south of Darali, and were able to add several thousand warriors to the columns strength. Progressing into what is now Borenu (in Jakania), the column made contact with native tribes, and a series of wars that were to last for the next century began, as the remnants of Tokundi attempted to forge a new Ríša.

Modern History[]


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