Pápež Tomáš IX
Birth Name Yacob Haymanot
Born 13 March, 3789
Died 8 February 3875
Occupation Papezsky Nuncio to Cobura (3836-41)

Secretary for General Affairs (3840-65)

Archbiskup of Domale (3741-3745)

Pápež of the T. P.C


Preceded By Augustus IV
Replaced by Augustus V
Nationality Coburan
Marital Status Single, never married
Ethnicity Mallan
Religion Terran Patriarchal Church

Tomáš IX (3789-3875) born Yacob Haymanot is the Pápež of the Terran Patriarchal Church, serving since 8 August 3865. He previously served as Secretary for General Affairs (3840-3865) Archbiskup of Domale (3841-3865), Pápežsky Nuncio to Cobura (3836 -3841)and other positions.


Yacob was born to a wealthy merchant family in Cobura. He displayed a religious inclination coupled with high intelligence from an early age. In 3812 he graduated from the Patriarchal University of Western Deltaria with a degree in Canon Law and three years later he earned his Doctorate in Canon Law. He began working in the Vatikan's Legal Department, rising swiftly.


Tomas IX' s papezate was dominated by the 'reform question.' He gradually reformed the Papezsky States culminating in the granting of full responsible government in 3873. He approved of a new Constitution granting Deltaria independence shortly before his death in February 3875 from a heart attack.

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