Torsten Weinfeld
Anarchist and Mutualist thought founder
Torsten weinfeld
Date of Birth 12th September 4392

(Lissenfeld, Westmark), Dorvik

Date of Death 16th September 4448

(Lissenfeld, Westmark),


Political Party Mutualist Party (Dorvik)
Occupations Politician, writer
Ideology Anarchist, Mutualist
Torsten Weinfeld, born the 12th of September 4392 in Dorvik, is a politician recognised for being the founder of the mutualist ideology. He was the leader and founder of the Mutualist Party in Dorvik, promoting his own ideology.

Weinfeld was born in Lissenfeld, Westmark where he worked as a book printer. Due to this work, he developed an interest for book writing and politics, leading him to write a book sharing its opinion about certain topics. He considered himself an anarchist, but said that he didn't support the same economical path as the other anarchists.

After publishing his first book sharing its ideology, Karlstein Metz immediately contacted him and had a great conversation.

In 4418, Weinfeld wasn't motivated enough to continue in the Parliament since they didn't get enough support to progress. Due to a lack of organisation, the Mutualist Party of Dorvik was dissolved.

Weinfeld died four days after his 56th birthday due to a heart attack.

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