Travertine Palace
Palazzo di Travertino
Travertine Palace
Location Piazzale delle Armi, Romula, Istalia
Construction 2721 - 2763
Architect Noel Cafà
Style Rationalism
Affiliation Istalian Empire
Travertine Palace (Istalian: Palazzo di Travertino) is an Istalian government building located in the so called Quartiere della Difesa (Luthorian: Defence District) in Romula and which houses the Istalian Ministry of Defence, the Chief of Defence Staff, the Interforce Operations High Command and the Command of the Army. The Defence District is in the outskirts of Romula and is composed of several buildings of which the Travertine Palace is the largest and main one.


The Palace, built between 2721 and 2763, was originally commissioned by the Order of the Golden Crown's Government to be the headquarters of the the Secret Police of the dictatorial monarchy. Due to several sabotage by part of the istalian resistance, the works proceeded very slowly and when the Monarchy fell the Palace was still under costruction. The second Istalian Republic decided to continue the works chosing the building as new seat of the Ministry of Defence as well as some of the most important organs of the Istalian Defence.


The building consists of more than 1,300 rooms, is 169 meters in width, and 51 meters tall, and has a total internal volume of approximately 720,000 cubic meters. It is comparable in size to the Palace of Villareale and is one of the largest buildings in Istalia.
However, despite these information are reserved and under military secret, it is known that under the Palace and the Defence District extends a large network of tunnels which connect all the buildings of the District and underground facilities used by the Istalian Armed Forces.
The name of the Palace derives from the fact that the facade consists of travertine. This type of facade is commonly linked to the rationalist style.

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