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Trigunian Armed Forces
Вооружённые си́лы Тригонская Федерация Социалистической Республики
Founded c.a. 2000
Current form November 12, 5138
Service branches Ground Forces, Navy, Aerospace Forces, Marine
Headquarters Ministry of Defence, Rodshyadam
Commander-in-Chief Sasha Angeloff (Defence Minister of Trigunia)
Military age 16
Conscription 1 year
Active personnel 889,000
Reserve personnel 2,286,000
Budget 76,000,000,000 TRA
Percent of GDP 24%

The Armed Forces of the Trigunia Federal Socialist Republic (5137 - present), are the currently organized combined military forces of Trigunia. These were re-organized by the United Trigunia party in 5137, and officially implemented when they came into power in 5138.

It is considered to be amongst the 6 strongest national armed forces across Terra, and is the strongest in the Keris continent.

Its further divided into four divisions: the Ground Forces (Army), Navy, Aerospace Forces (Air and Space), and the Marine.

From 5139-40, the United Trigunia government further increased the military budget by 8 and half times, and also had an increased military recruitment drive.

Starting from 5141, the Defence Industries associated with the Armed Forces have started the sale of weapons and equipments to supplement the income of the nation and help sustain the high amount of money spent on budget spent every year by the Trigunian government.


In 5137, the only active party at that time, United Trigunia, started planning for a stronger military for the nation of Trigunia, organizing its force into various divisons, and also planning out recruitment drives and development of the industry.

In November 5138, after the United Trigunia came to power, the proper organization of the armed forces take place, especially lead by the First President, Yeltsov Andreevich, the Rodshyan President, He also passed further laws which made it a criminal offence for any citizen of Trigunia for failing to perform any type of military service, allowed homosexuals in the military, no regulation of weapons used by the military, giving them rights to arrrest people, and women were barred from serving in combat positions.

In 5139, in lights of the human rights violation against Beloyuzhni people in Dolgava, there were plans made for a possible invasion of Dolgova and annexation of Lirath, with mock-drills and simulation, however the government decided that it would seek diplomatic means of .

In 5140, with budget reforms by the United Trigunian government by the then finance minister Grisha Evanoff with the recommendation of the then Senior President Yeltsov Andreevich, the military budget increased by 8.5 times, this allowed for a greater focus on production of current generation equipments and also an increase in the devleopment pace of new generation equipment. New tanks and infantry vehicles like T-14, T-15, Kurganets-25, and VPK-7829 Bumerang had their production numbers increased in a bid to replace their current counterparts. The production of the 5th generation fighter jet Kh-57 (Su-57) increased drastically, with more work also happening on the 6th generation stealth fighter, GTG-41 (Mikoyan PAK DP). The main weapons used by the soldiers were also upgraded.

In January 5141, the Defense Industries of Trigunian Armed Forces started taking orders and the sale of many competitive military equipment and vehicles to other militaries around the world, this would help fund both the military expenditure and also the government's development of the nation.

In his outgoing speech in May 5141, the then Senior President Yeltosv Andreevich also emphasized about how Trigunia should mantain its military might, he set a goal of Trigunia being the most superior military on Terra by a big margin by 5085. However, he also said that the military might shouldn't prevent the country from being developed


Total: 3,175,000 (889,000 Active)

  1. Ground Forces
    1. Total: 1,111,250 (311,150 Active)
  2. Navy
    1. Total: 793,750 (222,250 Active)
  3. Aerospace Forces
    1. Total: 793,750 (222,250 Active)
  4. Marine
    1. Total: 317,500 (88,900 Active)
  5. Coast Guard
    1. Total: 158,750 (44,450 Active)

Military Ranks[]

Military rank Mobilization human reserve Mobilization human resource
Age limit for signing first contract Age limit for tenure First grade

Age limit

Second grade

Age limit

Third grade

Age limit

Marshal of Trigunia - - 65 70 -
Army general/Admiral of the fleet - - 65 70 -
Colonel general/Admiral - - 65 70 -
Lieutenant general/Vice admiral - - 65 70 -
Major general/Counter admiral - - 65 70 -
Colonel/Captain 1st rank 57 65 60 65 -
Lieutenant colonel/Captain 2nd rank 52 60 55 60 65
Major/Captain 3rd rank 52 60 55 60 65
Captain/Captain lieutenant 47 55 50 55 60
Senior lieutenant 47 55 50 55 60
Lieutenant 47 55 50 55 60
Junior lieutenant 47 55 50 55 60
Senior Engsign/Senior michman 42 45 35 45 50
Ensign/Michman 42 45 35 45 50
Sergeant Major/Chief ship starshina 42 45 35 45 50
Senior sergeant/Chief starshina 42 45 35 45 50
Sergeant/Starshina 1st class 42 45 35 45 50
Junior sergeant/Starshina 2nd class 42 45 35 45 50
Senior Private/Senior seaman 42 45 35 45 50
Private/Seaman 42 45 35 45 50

Military Commands[]

  1. Joint Strategic Command West - Western Military District (HQ: Roshdaya, Radin)
    1. Total: 635,000 ( 177,800 Active)
  2. Joint Strategic Command North - North Military District (HQ: Vrosnok )
    1. Total: 635,000 ( 177,800 Active)
  3. Joint Startegic Command South - South Military District (HQ: Zarvospol)
    1. Total: 635,000 ( 177,800 Active)
  4. Joint Strategic Command Center - Center Military District (HQ: Vrosnok )
    1. Total: 635,000 ( 177,800 Active)
  5. Joint Strategic Command East - East Military District (HQ: Lesnov)
    1. Total: 635,000 ( 177,800 Active)


The main weapons of the Trigunian Armed Forces
Type Image Name Reference
JC-443 Bishop MP-443 Grach
Assault Rifle
VM-15 AK-15
Sub-machine Gun
AP-19 Bizon PP-19 Bizon
Machine Gun
Heavy Machine Gun
Sniper Rifle
TU-98 SV-98
Rocket Propelled Grenade
Anti-Aircraft Gun
Grenade Launcher
BGC-40 Deltarian AGS-40 Balkan


Ground Forces[]

  • Tanks: - 12,500
  • Infantry Vehicles: 11,440 (convert) (25,333 Armoured Vehicles)
  • Tank Destroyers: 1,056 (convert)
  • Personnel carriers: 13,200
  • Self-Propelled Artillery: 5,600
  • Towed Artillery: 6,000
  • Rocket Projectors: 3750
The main vehicles/artillery of the Trigunian Armed Forces
Type Image Name Reference
Tank T-90
Tank T-14
Infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2/BMP-3
Infantry fighting vehicle BTR-80A/82A
Tank destroyer 9P149 Shturm-S/SM
Tank destroyer Kornet-D
Tank destroyer Kornet-T
Armoured personnel carrier MT-LB
Armoured personnel carrier BTR-90
Armoured personnel carrier KAMAZ-5350-379
Heavy flamethrower personnel carrier BMO-T
Mine-resistant ambush protected truck Ural/Kamaz Typhoon
Light utility vehicle UAZ-3163 Patriot
Sport utility vehicle Haval H9
Infantry mobile vehicle GAZ-2975 Tigr
Light cargo truck GAZ-3308
Medium cargo truck ZIL-4334
Heavy cargo truck Ural-5323
Heavy Tractor unit KamAZ-65225
Articulated tracked transport vehicle GAZ-3344
Combat ambulance Linza
Amphibious tracked transport carrier PTS
Mortar Artillery 2B14 Podnos
Field Artillery 2A18 D-30
Self-propelled Artillery 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV
Rocket Artillery Uragan-1M
Anti-aircraft artillery
Short range surface-to-air missile 2k12 KUB
Medium range surface-to-air missile 9K37M1 Buk
Long range surface-to-air missile Almaz Antey S-300/S-300V4
Tactical ballistic missile system 9K720 Iskander-M / SS-26

Aerospace Forces[]

  • Fighter Aircraft: 560
  • Attack Aircraft: 436
  • Transport Aircraft: 557
  • Trainer Aircraft: 264
  • Bombers: 102
  • Special: 70
  • Helicopter: 1200
Name Type Total Number Reference
GTG-31 Fighter 270 MiG-31
GTG-35 Fighter 10 Mig-35
Kh-30 Fighter 270 Su-30-35
Kh-57 Fighter 10 Su-57
Kh-25 Attack 436 Su-25
Dragunov DM-26 Transport 507 Antonov An-26
Dragunov DM-148 Transport 50 Antonov An-148
YK-150 Trainer 264 Yakovlev Yak-150
TT-160 Bomber 102 Tupolev Tu-160
IL-80 Special 35 Ilyushin Il-80
TT-214 Special 35 Tupolev Tu-214
Yunov Yu-52 Helicopter 100 Karnov Ka-52
GT-38 Helicopter 800 Mil Mi-38
GT-17 Helicopter 300 Mi-17