Federation of Tropica
Whakaminenga o Tropika
Flag of Tropica
Flag of Tropica
Location of Tropica
Location of Tropica

Peace through the ocean breeze. (Luthorian)

Anthem "Tropican Dreams"
Capital Nikutabi (formerly Tropica City)
Largest city New Kosmos
Language Luthorian, various Tropican languages
Demonym Tropican
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
  Legislature Parliament of Tropica
Kaitiaki Ekara
Prime Minister Tiki Wirihan
Area 1,654,000 km² 
Population 5,471,918 
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .tpa

The Federation of Tropica (Mātou: Whakaminenga o Tropika), commonly known as Tropica or Tropika, is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy in south-eastern Temania. The country is a former colony of Dankuk, Yingdala, Zardugal and Luthori but has been independent for several centuries.


Tropica is a relatively flat nation with a relatively mild climate. It has vast forested regions as well as substantial plains. The country experiences cool temperatures throughout the year, with some variation between sections of the islands. It is considered a part of the continent of Temania due to its location on the Temanian tectonic plate.

It is composed of five regions: Pskova (Teo), Soleynka (Lafai), Renala , Pelkos (Pita) and Kokuni.


Main article: History of Tropica

For several centuries, Tropica was a colonial territory ruled variously by Sekowo, Zardugal and Luthori. The latter had the most significant lasting impact on the nation and today, most Tropicans speak Luthorian even if it is only as a second language.

Economy Edit

Tropica's economy is a decentralized economy, defined by the 33% rule, The government requests 33% of the stocks in any business and another 33% have to be given to representatives of the employees in a given business.

Tropica's Economy is mainly based around the tourism industry. But despite being a third-world nation, Tropica has quality healthcare, a key facet of government spending. However, Tropica does not maintain an army.

Government and politicsEdit

The government and politics of Tropica takes place within the framework of a federal parliamentary monarchy.


Tropica uses cabinet government, in which all ministers must be members of the legislature. The government is headed by the Prime Minister.


Main article: Parliament of Tropica

The legislature, Parliament, is composed of two houses.


Tropica's judiciary is organised in a manner which preserves the traditional pre-colonial judicial systems along with a more modern judicial system inherited from Luthori colonial rule. The traditional courts presides on most family and personal status legal matters in the rural areas. The modern court system covers everything else and is structured in a conventionally hierarchical manner with a Court of Appeal at the apex of the judiciary.

Political parties and electionsEdit

Party Assembly(4784) Regions (4784) Ideology
Labour Party
226 / 450
45 / 100
Democratic socialism
National Action
112 / 450
21 / 100
Liberal conservatism
People's Coalition
42 / 450
1 / 100
Tropican Green Party
41 / 450
3 / 100
29 / 450
30 / 100
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