Tucker II cabinet
2nd cabinet of Romesh Tucker
Romesh Tucker
Romesh Tucker
Date formedby April 4722
Date dissolvedby October 4724
People and organisations
PresidentJess Baker (4722-4724)
Matthew Walter (4724)
Prime MinisterRomesh Tucker
No. of ministers13
Member partiesLab, SD, CRP
Status in legislatureMajority Government
Opposition partiesNULP, SWP, NSWP
Election(s)February 4721
Outgoing electionFebruary 4724
Legislature term(s)2nd Senate of Likatonia
PredecessorTucker I cabinet
SuccessorBaker cabinet

The Second Cabinet of Romesh Tucker was the government of Likatonia from 4722 to 4724. The cabinet is composed of the Labour Party, the Social Democrats and the Conservative Republican Party. The Presidential Office was held by Jess Baker from the Labour Party.


54 / 100

After NSWP dissolvedEdit

54 / 94
As Caretaker GovernmentEdit
54 / 100

History and Program Edit

This government wanted to keep previous reforms but did not do much reforming itself.

In November 4721 Slander Laws were changed so people could sue false claims easier and guns allowed were restricted to not allow unnecessary weapons out in public.

Also in that month another law was passed which split the government. It only allowed only non-profit charter schools to be set up and the protection of important sites as well as other things. The Labour Party proposed it and the SWP voted with them in favour against every other party.

In April a bill reforming many civil Liberties were passed allowing more people more freedom in love and public figues more protections against false claims.

The last major law passed in October 4723 when it was agreed 10 bill. of the budget would pay for the CAFL. This made the CAFL a government endorsed agency and paid for protection.

Composition Edit

Office Occupant Party Years
President of Likatonia Jess Baker Labour Party 4722 - 4724
President of Likatonia Matthew Walter Social Democrats 4724

Position Minister Party
Prime Minister

of Likatonia

Romesh Tucker Labour Party
Ministry of Foreign


? Labour Party
Ministry of Internal


? Social Democrats
Ministry of Finance ? Labour Party
Ministry of Defence ? Conservative Republican Party
Ministry of Justice ? Labour Party
Ministry of Infrastructure 

and Transport

? Labour Party
Ministry of Health 

and Social Services

? Conservative Republican Party
Ministry of Education

and Culture

? Social Democrats
Ministry of Science 

and Technology

? Social Democrats
Ministry of Food

and Agriculture

? Labour Party
Ministry of Environment

and Tourism

? Labour Party
Ministry of Trade 

and Industry

? Labour Party
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