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RegionSouthern Majatra
EthnicityTurjak people
Native speakers40 million  (4771)
Language family
Official status
Official language inFlag of Jakania.png Jakania
Recognised minority language inFlag of Kalopia.png Kalopia
Language codes
ISO 639-3Turj

The Turjak language is one of three recognised languages in Jakania and regulated by the Jakanian Language Institute.

Writing systems[]

Two writing systems exist for the Turjak language. A traditional system based on the Majatran script and another based on an adapted version of the Selucian alphabet.

Turjak (M) Turjak (S)
ا A (a)
ب B (b)
ج C (c)
چ Ç (ç)
د D (d)
ێ E (e)
ف F (f)
گ G (g)
غ Ğ (ğ)
ح H (h)
ی I (ı)
ی İ (i)
ژ J (j)
ک K (k)
ل L (l)
م M (m)
ن N (n)
ۆ O (o)
و Ö (ö)
پ P (p)
ق Q (q)
ر R (r)
ص S (s)
ش Ş (ş)
ت T (t)
و U (u)
و Ü (ü)
ڤ V (v)
ی Y (y)
ظ Z (z)