Turjak people
Türjak (Central)
Түрак (Northern)
Famous Turjaks
Total population 78 Million (est.)
Regions with significant populations

Flag of Jakania 4240 Jakania 66.7m
Kalsoc flag Kalopia 8m
New Czarist flag Deltaria Deltaria >1m
New Kafuristan Flag Kafuristan >1m

Language Jelbo-Tukaric, Majatran.
Religions Ahmadism and Hosianism
Related ethnic groups Jelbic

The Turjak people (Jelbo-Tukaric Central: Türjak, Northern: Түрак) or people are the primary ethnic group of Jakania. Related to the Jelbic peoples their culture and language have been heavily shaped by Augustan, Majatran and Kalopian.

Tukaric is an alternative name for the group, though this term is also explicitly used for Turjaks in Kalopia, who are known as Tukars.


The Turjak population is divided into three main categories, those Turjaks who follow Ahmadism and those who follow Hosianism, more specifically the Apostolic Church of the East. A small majority follow an indigenous religion which has been part of the Turjak culture for a long time. Among the Turjak people there is a conservative nature thus 90% of the Turjak population which subscribe to a religion see it in a relatively conservative, traditional nature.

The long time devotion to secularism in Jakania is clearly visible in the population and even among the more religiously conservative elements the support for a theocracy or sharia law is very low.


  • Central Turjak - Turkish, as spoken in Turkey.
  • Northern Turjak - Northern Azeri (use of the Azeri-Cyrillic alphabet)
  • Kalopian Turjak - Turkish, as spoken in Turkey, with a distinct alphabet
  • Tukaric - the most common name for the language spoken by Turjaks in Jakania and Kalopia; mostly resembles Turkish as spoken in Turkey