Umana Servizi S.p.A.
Umana Servizi logo
Type Publicly traded (Società per azioni)
Traded as BIM: UMS
Industry Multi-utility, private social and welfare services, assurances, financial services.
Founded June 4097
Via Marcantonio Borgiese 30, 00301 Bunogna, Trivendito
Key people
Stefano Diogene (Chairman)
Valeria bin Yusef Al Nurin (CEO)
Management of integrated water systems, waste cycle and environmental services, public infrastructures such as lighting, urban quality, urban and suburban transport, car parks, social services such as management of clinics and health insurance, education and funding for studies, babysitting and care of the elderly, private pension schemes, financial services and investments.
Revenue LIS£27 billion (4210)
Net income LIS£ 956 million (4210)
Futura Servizi (social Insurances)
UM Assicurazioni (assurances)
Interservizi (utility management company)
Acquaviva (Integrated water system company)
Employees ~ 89,000

Umana Servizi is an istalian company active on the market of the social services and public utilities and is the largest private healthcare company in Istalia with over than 65% of the private market since the first decade of 43th century and after the reform of the Welfare which for almost ten years privatized the healthcare system, 45% of the istalians declared to approach the health services of the company.
Umana Servizi is currently also the main company to manage individual elderly assurances in Istalia and also the leading company to offer to companies corporate social convention for the workes.


It manages clinics and hospitals, elderly retirement houses, local and family doctor's practices and nursery and pre-school educational centres and it offers health and pension assurances, especially corporate conventions with many istalian companies for the employees' health and pension assurances as well as comprehensive family services assurances (family financing, baby sitting, elderly assistance, domestic and cleaning services, etc...).
The company in the field of the public utilities through the years concluded agreements with many istalian cities and other local authorities to manage many services such as integrated water systems, waste disposal, waste and environmental services, public infrastructures like public lighting, urban works, urban decoration, urban and suburban transport, car parks, etc...


Umana Servizi is not only actives in Istalia but reachs many other nations, notables among them Kalopia, and then the Istalian Protectorate of the Kalopian Free State of Mossavi, but also Baltusia, Selucia, Lourenne, the canrillaise nations in the south of Seleya and also in Saridan.


Umana Servizi has many subsidiaries and among the the main are Futura Servizi which manages corporate conventions and family services assurances, and UM Assicurazioni which is a large assurance company.


Umana Servizi is one of the main company owned by Hasan Grand Holding S.p.A..
When the healthcare and pension systems have been privatized in 4206, the dominant position which assumed Umana Servizi into the new istalian welfare market litteraly saved the Hasan's holding from a serious company crisis during the Global Financial Crisis of 4204.

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