Union of Sekowo

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  2193-2402   AretistFlag.jpg
Old Sekowo Flag

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Sekowo Geopolitical
Capital                     Kasmenai
Languages             Kunikata, Orinco, Canrillaise, Tsekwon
Government           Republic


Legislature             Chamber of Deputies

The Union of Sekowo was formed in the year 2193. The first President of the Union of Sekowo, Filliam H. Muffman of the Filliam H. Muffman Party, was elected in 2196. When the Cabinet Proposal of 2198 passed, the Liberal Conservative Party was greatly annoyed to be left out of the cabinet. Kyle Martin vowed to repay the snub. In 2200 there was a sudden spate of resignations. Rumors abounded that threats by the Liberal Conservative Party were behind the resignations.

The LCP Cabinet Proposal of 2200 was, however, defeated. In 2202 Kyle Martin and the Liberal Conservative Party came to power in the Union of Sekowo. In 2209, with the Council of Renner firmly in control of the parliament, Kyle Martin began the Renner cult takeover of the Union of Sekowo. In 2213, the Sekowan Freedom Party first became visible in the legislative scene. In the elections of 2218, the SFP supplanted the LCP for the preponderance of the parliament. 2218 was the first year that the Manche Movement was visible. The Head of State and Parliament Bill began to break the Renner Cult stranglehold on Sekowan politics. In 2220, George Soloman IV of the Sekowan Freedom Party won the post of Rennerate for the first time since 2202.

In 2402, Sekowo was brought under the control of Aretist parties, who renamed the country as the Aretic Archonate of Sekowo. Sekowo was than restructured as a feudal, agricultural nation subjugating the people, or Dema, under the rule of the bureaucratic caste, the Acolya, and the spiritual and political leaders of the state, the Avatara. Sekowo's western plains were converted into massive plantations harvesting Flavian, and the the state's investment in defense hardware led to the rise of a large industrial base in the south.

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