Unionism is a mainstream ideology in the Millennial Republic of Solentia based on the ideas of national unity, community cohesion and strong government. It is traditionally advocated by the Unionist Party.

Unionism seeks to explain that traditional left-right splits are divisive and that the best course of governance is for unity of the nation and a stable government. It identifies "the union" of the Solentian people to be the greatest political goal and disunity to be the greatest threat to prosperity. 

On a political level, Unionists seek strong, stable governments before any ideological allegiance. This has led them to ally with both left wing and right wing coalitions, majority unionist governments, democratic rule and at times, monarchy. Unionists reject that democracy is a goal and instead offer it as merely one model to be used as a tool for the creation of a stable nation. 

On a social level, Unionists tend toward liberty where possible but are wary of seeking liberty as a goal beyond the empowerment of people to work collaboratively. 

Economically, Unionism offers no preference between the public and private sector- believing that the State should work alongside individual business interests to find national solutions to industrial problems. Unionism is supportive of Trades Unions as a method of negotiating a solution to disputes that is agreeable to the majority. 

Unionism differs from majoritarianism in that it's focus is not on what is popular but is best for the nation as a whole, irrespective of popularity. In addition, it differs from nationalism in its rejection of national self interest in favour of stability.

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