Unionist Party
Leader / Chairman Cillian Torvellian, Lord Torvellian
Vice Chairmen Ahmad Sabbir Saidi, Viscount Saidi (Legislative Lead)

Matthrew Byrne (General Secretary)

Founded 2463 as CMP, 2616 as Unionists
Headquarters Unionist Central Office (UCO), Thomas Hill Court, 17 Vine Boulevard, Halion.
Nation Solentia
Student Wing National Organisation of Unionist Students (NOUS)
Youth Wing Young Unionists (YU)
Membership Increase 20,000
Ideology Unionism
Political positions Centrism, Isolationism, constitutional traditionalism, Kodonomics,
International affiliations New Pan-Majatran Union Coalition
Colour Orange
Website http://www.Unionists.sol
National Congress
0 / 750
0 / 5

The Unionist Party, usually referred to collectively as the Unionists, is a political party in the Federal Republic of Solentia. It adheres to a strict doctrine of "Core Unionist Values" including Isolationism, constitutional traditionalism, pacifism, pro-Majatranism, the so-called "social incentive" programme of titular nobility, and kodonomics. The core ideology of the party is referred to as Unionism.

As of 4074, the Unionists do not sit in the Solentian Senate. There have been 48 Unionist Heads of State in Solentia; 46 Supreme Presidents, 2 Presidents, 6 Lord Protectors, 3 Margraves and 1 Chief Senator.

The Unionists were founded under the name "Conservative and Morality Party" in 2463. They were lead by Thomas Hill, whose ideology, later referred to as Yorkism after the last leader to subscribe to it, was abandoned by the Party in 2616 in favour of Unionism under Kimi Nikulainen, later Supreme President.

Since 4075, the group has been led by Cillian Torvellian.

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