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History Edit

The United Chariot League was founded July 15th, 4311 at a convention at Sebastino University, Zardugal. The League was made to standardize the rules and regulations of chariot racing.

UCL Board of Directors Edit

A Board of Directors run the UCL. The Board looks over the rules and tries to make UCL a fair game. The Board also keep the franchises in control and make sure no company completely controls the game.

Teams Edit

There are currently 10 official teams in the League.

  • Kostandia Eagles
  • Zardugaio Falcons
  • Sebastino Augustans
  • Hesperio Wild Horses
  • Limestoi Dragons
  • Fortreso Pegasi.
  • Čachtice Hawks
  • Ȝeomorceaster Tokundians
  • Feketevár Bears
  • Al-Kasraj Revolutionaries
  • Rklemjistad Wolves

UCL Companies Edit

Each team in the UCL are funded by a specific company or organization.

  • Kostandia Eagles are funded by Maksimuma, a technology company.
  • Zardugaio Falcons are funded by Visocia, a social media company.
  • Hesperio Wild Horses are funded by Sekura-Vivo, insurance company.
  • Sebastino Augustans are funded by Zardic Chariot Club (ZCC).
  • Limestoi Dragons are funded by Z-Energio, a electronics company.
  • Fortreso Pegasi are funded by Zardic Chariot Club (ZCC).

United Chariot League Basic Rules Edit

  • Every game is split into 7 Rounds.
  • Every Round, 6 racers (3 from each team) are selected to race.
  • Every Round is 12 minutes.
  • The first racer to pass the Kapo-Vosto during the occurring Round scores 5 points for their team.
  • All other racers that pass the Kapo-Vosto during the occurring Round score 1 point for their team.
  • After the 7 Rounds are completed, the team that scores the most points wins.

Team Logos Edit

Team Logos of Zardugal Edit

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