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United People's Communist Party
Leader Mikhail Khruschev
Founded 2784
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Citadel
Nation Dorvik
Ideology Marxist/Leninist Communism
Political Position Far Left
International Affiliations United Parties for Socialist Dorvik (UPSD)
Total Aloria; World Nuclear League; World Anti-Capitalist Initiative
Colours FF0000

The United People's Communist Party (UPCP) is a UPSD organizational faction based on Marxism-Leninism (Communism). It was founded in the year 2384 by Mikhail Khruschev, son of arguably Dorvik's most famous president to date Pavel Khruschev. The most important aim of the UPCP is maintaining the communist system imposed by the UPSD in the 2716 'Red Revolution'. The party is the de-facto ruling face of the UPSD with a UPCP member running in every election since it's creation. The party opposes capitalism, anti-marxism, religion and capitalist globalization.

History Edit

Initially formed

Pavel Khruschev in 2716, the first year of his first term of presidency.

as the Dorvish People's Revolutionary Party by Pavel Khruschev in 2714, the party received phenomenal support winning 21 out of the 23 elections contested. As the Red Revolution, initiated with the formation of a political unity coalition between socialist and communist parties which would come to be known as the UPSD became more established as the years went on it's legitimacy became absolute. After stepping down as Dorvik's President Pavel Khruschev, popularly referred to as the 'People's President' or 'Dear Leader' by many of his mass of supporters gave control of the UPSD to his son Mikhail, a Marxist/Leninist from a moderate UPSD faction. Little was known of Mikhail before this however he stepped into the role comfortably wasting no time in reorganizing the communist UPSD factions into a more contemporary political machine, focusing on continuing Dorvik along a path of communist prosperity.

In January of 2786, only two years after the reorganization of the UPCP Pavel Khruschev, the people's president, passed away in his sleep. A national day of mourning was announced with citizen's forbidden from work, encouraged instead to attend services showing the achievements of the UPSD and the life of the dear leader. An international press announcement was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcing Pavel's passing.

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