United Republic of Narikaton and Darnussia
Prdbtmp   2599-2625   NarikatonImperialFlag
Flag of the United Republic
Motto: United we stand!
Government type Presidential Republic
Union President Jean-Paul Avenon
Governing parties United Liberation Army, Social Democratic Party of Darnussia
Founded 2599
Language Narik, Darnus
Capital Merenbürg
Largest city Merenbürg
Area 913,200 km²
 - Estimated
Currency Darnussian Rupan
Sport Rugby
Animal Eagle
Narikaton, Nihaton, Clenon, Kozaria, Alkavon
Nation ID Number: 13

United Republic of Narikaton and Darnussia was a joint government of the two fighting factions established after the Second Darnussian Civil War. It was partial monarchy, but it was led by Union President. United Republic was dissolved after the monarchists gained enough support to establish the Empire of Narikaton and Darnussia.

Narikaton und Darnussia
History of Darnussia
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Domains: DuchyOfNarikaton Narikaton, NewClenonFlag Clenon, NihatonNewflag Nihaton, NewKozariaFlag Kozaria, NewAlkavonFlag Alkavon

Cities: Red Stad, Doressa, Ghacrow, Merenbürg, Moete, Podrueja
Terrain: Island of Nihaton, Island of Narikaton, Migrant's Pass

People & Culture
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