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  • I live in Spain
  • I was born on January 23

Federal Collectivism, one of my favourite in-game ideologies.

If you're bored, check any of these:

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  • I established the longest anarchy from all times in Telamon. Main article: Telamonese anarchy
  • After anarchism got boring in Telamon, I established a new ideology and made it successful in Telamon. Main article: History of Telamon | Federal Collectivism
  • After all, being alone in the Parliament is boring, but at least it's easy to advance. It got boring so I left from Telamon and went to Egelion, and established the Revolutionary Party and allied two communist parties. Anyways I had no future there, and more or less 15 years/1 month later I left Egelion and went into Kalopia.
  • In Kalopia I made another anarchist party, but this one was going to have a better future. I tried to make a fun RP for Kalopia since it was all dead, but in like 10+ IG years no party answered. I contributed developing the culture and then left.
  • Then I moved to Tukarali, with my first right-wing party from PT: the Ultra-Capitalist Party. I haven't yet started anything interesting.
  • Tukarali was boring, so I searched for an "inactive" or almost dead nation. Then I found Badara, I created the Almuatinin Min Ealim party and restructured the History of Badara. I established a socialist regime, but a conflict with Cildania came and I couldn't keep the regime.
  • I've been in Kanjor after Badara, but I left it after a day or so.
  • Then I traveled to Dolgava, trying to develop it and make it capitalist, but I couldn't do anything.
  • So I came back to Egelion, and I'm currently here helping the communists. Right now we tried to plan a second civil war, but it wasn't successful. The communists left and fascists have got more power.
  • Then I went to Hobrazia, and I tried to develop this nation. As usual, no one is interested in improving anything, or having some fun with RP's. I tried making a new cultural protocol, most of the parties abstained. I tried translating things, since there were already cultural protocols, most of the parties abstained. Their excuse was "I am busy", but they weren't busy enough to vote for a bill to make a central bank owned by the state and the rest privately owned. Such logic.
  • I left Hobrazia starting a voting process for the cultural protocols I suggested, after discussing this with the rest of the parties, hoping that someone would vote for it. I went to Kundrati, where every wiki page is outdated and almost empty, so I decided to work hard for it.
  • My first elections in Kundrati were a failure, I got no seats so I decided to leave it. I joined Dorvik and here I am trying to develope the ideology of mutualism.
  • With the help of jamescfm, I developed the culture of Telamon and started making a serie of pages about music. In this case, I developed Punk Rock and some bands from this genre.
  • I developed (how many times did I mention this word?) ideologies and I'm trying to develope philosophy at this moment. List of political ideologies - Political Quadrants
  • I like making maps and all of that, so I updated and made some (geographical) maps. Geography of Telamon | History of Amateria
  • I made pages about important people, structures and historical events. I won't list them since there's a lot, just check the "History of..." pages about each nation I've been in and you'll see some.
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