Vajk III
Vajk, the Third
His Majesty, Defender of the Holy Crown, King of Efínia, Baron of Alt-Ginbár and Martyr of the Holy Cross
Name: Vajk III
Title: King of Efínia

Baron of Alt-Ginbár

Reign: 4710-4734
Coronation: January, 4711 (as King of Efínia)
Full Name: Dávid Jónás Mária József Vajk
Predecessor: Apostolic King of Kingdom of Endralon Ottokar XII
Successor: Karl IV
Date of Birth: June, 4689
Date of Death: January 21, 4734
Dávid Jónás Mária József Vajk or simply just Vajk, the Third was the ruler of Efínia and Alt-Ginbar in the era of the Endralonese Civil War (syldavian: Ndráloni Polgárháború). He was the Supreme Noble of the League for the Defend of the Holy Crown during the civil war.

He was arrested in Újmakon and executed in Hugamest at January 21, 4734.

Cause for CannonizationEdit

Shortly after Vajks death Archbishop Péter Erdő, a life long friend of Vajk, began his cause for canonization as a martyr for the Church. He was beatified and declared Blessed in 4748.

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