Valdoria Province

Flag of Hyonggi

Country Dankuk
Regional capital Cheonssu
  Governing body Congress of Valdoria
  Ruling party(s)
Area 362,100 km²
Population 19,857,646

The Valdoria Province (Kyo: 횽기도 Hyonggido) is a southwestern province of Dankuk. By land area it is the largest province in the nation. The capital and largest city is Cheonssu. To the south of Valdoria is the Federal City of Seongtaek and the Elbian Province.

Geography Edit

Valdor Forest

The vast majority of Valdoria is covered by expansive forests and the most inland parts of the province are mountainous. Closer towards the coastline the landscape is more hilly with forests and farmland. Most urban areas are concentrated to the coastline though there are numerous smaller villages in the interior, often agrarian and lacking major infrastructure.

Major Cities & Towns Edit

Economy Edit

Agriculture and forestry are major components of the Valdorian economy. Mining activity is common in the mountainous areas of the province and there is also hydro- and geothermal electricity production in those areas.

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