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Valerian Paul Yugov
Valerian Yugov.jpg
Valerian Yugov

7th President of the Republic of Trigunia
In office
January, 4177 – January, 4181

Chancellor of the NRP
In office
October, 4173 – January, 4177
Succeeded by
Position Abolished

Governor-General of the Petrograd Governate
In office
January, 4167 – October, 4173

Minister of Trade and Industry of Trigunia
In office
June, 4161 – January, 4167

Member of the State Duma of Trigunia
In office
January, 4157 – January, 4161

May 27, 4130
Novoaleksandrovsk, Petrograd Governate, Petrograd
Political party
Natsional'naya Rabochaya Partiy (National Worker's Party)
Alma Mater
Petrograd Institution for Strategic Studies
Terran Patriarchal Church
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