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Location of Valruzia Mas.png
Authority 3elkEn.png Government of Valruzia
NSO VAL.png National Forces of Defense
WPN.png Valruzian Nuclear Programme
Vasa.png VASA
Walatom.png Walatom
First nuclear weapon test -
First fusion weapon test -
Last nuclear test -
Largest yield test -
Total tests -
Peak stockpile -
Current stockpile -
CSA in megatonnage -
Maximum missile range -
International regulations Specialized: None
World Congress
Seleyan Union
North Seleyan Economic Community
Council of Seleya

The Republic of Valruzia is actively developing and possesses weapons of mass destruction, including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Valruzia was one of the first countries to structure the development process of development and production of biological and chemical weapons which were the first to be developed in the history of Valruzia and its experience with WMD. Valruzia's engagement with nuclear weapons began in the late 4200s with the initial intention to purchase the phased out nuclear stockpile from the then ally Republic of Dorvik, but the deal was struck down by legislatures of both countries. As the result, around 4295 the Valruzian Nuclear Programme has been established with the aim of the development and production of nuclear weaponry.