Valruzian Armaments Group
Walruzyjska Grupa Zbrojeniowa
Legal Basis Bill on Defense Industries, May 4282
Founder Government of Valruzia
Type State Enterprise / Holding
Founded May 31, 4282
Owners Government of Valruzia (100%)
Key People Andrea Milik-Star
Website www.wgz.wr

The Walruzyjska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A., WGZ (lut.: Valruzian Armaments Group) is a holding company operating in the Republic of Valruzia. It was established by the Sejm with Bill on Defense Industries in February 4281. The headquarters of the WGZ is located in Brzansk. It is a state-owned holding which consists of both private and public economic entities producing military and defense equipment for the National Forces of Defense of Valruzia and law enforcement agencies like the Policja, the Straż Graniczna or the Straż Przybrzeżna.

Valruzian Armaments Group was established as the result of national defense industries consolidation through the Bill on Defense Industries of May 4282. Its aim is to introduce a comprehensive reform to the national security and its institutions. The unified defense industry is part of the government's plan to better fulfill the security needs of the country and modernize the military.

Its structure and management model was established by a decree of the Minister of National Defense, Stanisław Poręba in June 4282. Minister Poręba appointed Andrea Milik-Star for the position of the President of the WGZ. Milik-Star has been an advisor to the Ministry of National Defense for nearly 10 years prior to the appointment.

The WGZ comprises over 50 companies responsible for design, development and production of military and non-military equipment used by the National Forces of Defense and law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Valruzia.

The most strategic companies in the WGZ are:

Valruzian Aviation Works - production of aircrafts and instrumentation,
Brzansk Arms - production of small and medium-sized weaponry
Valruzian Arms Company - production of heavy weaponry (tanks, transporters, boats)
Eckner-Abert - largest shipbuilding company in Valruzia
Brader Huta Dabik
North Valruzian Works
Valruzian Construction Enterprise
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