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Valruzian Automotive Group
Walruzyjska Grupa Samochodowa

 Verkehrs-aktiengesellschaft vag.png
VAG Logo.svg.png
Type Joint-stock Company
Traded as INGX: BCFX
Industry Automotive
Founded August 4360
Headquarters 739px-POL Czeladź flag.svg.png Hel
3elkEn.png Valruzia
Key people Robert Krawczyk (President)
Anna Jantar (CEO)
Kamila Haris (CFO)
Products Automobiles, Engines, Motobrikes, Turbomachinery, 
Services Bankingfinancingfleet managementinsuranceleasing
Area Served Worldwide
Subsidiaries BÖNNING (89.5%)
Avignon (100%)
Laval (100%)
Continental (74%)
BFS (100%)
FSM (100%)
Taran (100%)
KIA (56%)
Revenue Increase VPO 1.248 trillion (4738)
Operating Income Increase VPO 273.6 billion (4738)
Total Assets Increase VPO 1.996 trillion (4738)
Employees 591.500 (4738)
Owners BÖNNING (struc. own.) (89.5%)
TQ Group (6%)
Government of Valruzia (3.5%)
Employees (1.0%)
Website www.bonning-group.wr

Valruzian Automotive Group, abbreviated to VAG, previously Bonning Group is a Valruzian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Hel, Chynberg Voivodeship, Valruzia. It designs, manufactures and distributes passenger, commercial and utility vehicles, motorcycles, engines, and turbomachinery and offers related services including financing, leasing and fleet management. Since 4370 it is Terra's largest automaker by sales, overtaking such companies like Estal or Xiandai Group and keeping this title ever since, selling more than more then 15 million vehicles annually.

It currently holds the highest market share in Seleya with more than 50% of cars it produces being sold on the Seleyan market. Bonning Group sells passenger cars under BÖNNING, ContinentalAvignon, BFS, FSM, Taran Heavy Trucks, and KIA brands. It is divided into three primary divisions: Bonning Commercial Vehicles, Bonning Finances, and Bonning Utility Vehicles. The company carries out its manufacturing operations in the following countries: Valruzia, Baltusia, Kalistan, Alduria, Keymon, Trigunia, and Malivia.

BÖNNING Bonning Group is a public company and has a primary listing on the Nowogard Stock Exchange where it is a constituent of Selyan Stock 50 market index and is traded on numerous stock exchanges across Terra. The government of Valruzia holds 3.5% of the company's shares, granting it 10% of the voting rights.

On July 1st, 4726 the Bonning Group changed the name to Valruzian Automotive Group.


See also: BÖNNING

BÖNNING is the primary brand of the whole group established in 4249 and primarily produces premium class vehicles. Most of vehicles are manufactured in Valruzia (other plants are located in Malivia, Indrala, Klavia Okeano, Baltusia). Most of vehicles are powered by combustion engine, but in recent years Bonning has developed and started production of hubrid and electric-powered vehicles.

See also: Avignon
Artboard 1.png

Avignon is the Alduria-based car brand established by Bonning in 4360. Its cars are primarily sold in South Seleya in countries like Alduria, Kanjor and Rildanor. Avignon's cars use the same engines and components used in Bonning cars. They are manufactured in production facility in La Rocher in Alduria, and in Hel in Valruzia.

See also: Laval

Laval is the Avignon's car brand established in 4556. It serves as Avignon's sports car branch.

See also: Continental Car Company
Continental CarsSH.png

Continental Car Company is a semi-independent brand of luxurious vehicles based in Luthori. Its vehicles are considered to be one of the most luxurious vehicles in Terra. They are based on Bonning's components. In 4391 Bonning Group became the exclusive owner of the Continental Brand and majority shareholder of the Continental Car Company.

See also: BFS
Free-black-and-white-vector-chevrolet-logo 325935.png

BFS is a former subsidiary of Szwarzentel Investments established as its automotive branch to compete with Bonning in the automobiles sector. It manufactures price affordable vehicles of a different kind. Main assembly points are located in Brzansk, Valruzia and in various assembly plants in Trigunia.

See also: FSM
Fsm logo.png

FSM is a luxury vehicles manufacturer established as a direct subsidiary of the BFS. Their cars used to compete with Bonning high-end models but now serve as a supplementary brand of the concern. Its models are primarily sold in Valruzia.

See also: Taran Heavy Trucks

Taran Heavy Trucks is a brand responsible for the manufacturing of trucks, lorries and other specialized heavy automobiles. It is based in Deltaria but since the purchase of the company by BFS most of the production takes place in Valruzia. Taran trucks are renowned for their durability and versatility. For example, most fire department units in Valruzia use Taran trucks. The brand quickly gains populatrity in other countries around Seleya.

See also: TBU International Automobiles

TBA International Automobiles or KIA is a TBA multinational automobiles manufacturer based in Turtle Bay and the largest car manufacturer in the country with sales reaching 3.5 million vehicles in 4718. The company's majority owner is Valruzian Automotive Group which controls more than 56% of the company. The remaining 44% are split between the private investors of both TBA and Valruzian origin.