Valruzian Aviation Works
Walruzyjskie Zakłady Lotnicze
Legal Basis Bill on Defense Industries, May 4282
Founder Government of Valruzia
Type Private Enterprise with the share of the State
Founded May 31, 4282
Owners Reglair Aircraft Factory(90%)

Government of Valruzia (10%)

Key People Jerzy Bolkow
Employees 45.000
Website www.wzl.wr

Walruzyjkie Zakłady Lotnicze S.A. (lut.: Valruzian Aviation Works) commonly referred to as WZL is a holding that designs, manufactures and distributes civilian aeronautical products worldwide. The WZL also produces military equipment but its distribution is limited only to the Valruzian market. It is based in Nowogard, Valusian Voivodeship in the Republic of Valruzia.

The company's main manufacturing facilities are located in Nowogard, Brzansk and Gyfitow.

As the Valruzian Aviation Works is a holding controlled in 10% by the government of Valruzia, its management structure is dependant on the actual defense strategy of the government. In September 4325 Reglair Aircraft Factory S.A. finalized the purchase of 90% of the company after moving its production and headquarters from Dorvik to Valruzia.

The Valruzian Aviation Works is part of the Valruzian Armaments Group. In fact, it remains one of the most strategic corporate entities within the WGZ as it is a major supplier of military equipment for the National Forces of Defense of Valruzia.

Aircratfs and HelicoptersEdit

Currently, the Valruzian Aviation Works produces 10 types of aircrafts. WZL M14 is the first plane manufactured by the company and currently is the basic fighter jet of the Air Defense Forces of Valruzia. WZL's second plane M18X was designed to fulfill the country's needs for an aircraft which could be used in electronic warfare. Currently, those two types of aircrafts along with the company's newest aircraft M24 "Lynx", are the basis of the valruzian air force but thanks to the country's international cooperation, the foreign producers are beginning to introduce their designs to the nation's air force. WZL also produces two types of military cargo planes which are used by the nation's air force. WZL C6 Skylift (Powietrzny Dźwig), powered by two urbofan engines, capable of transporting up to 20 tonnes of cargo or 90 soldiers for distance of up to 5.000 kilometers. WZL C12 Wolf (Wilk) is a medium sized cargo plane, powered by four propfan engines, capable of transporting of up to 45 tonnes of cargo or up to 100 soldiers for the distance of 6.000 kilometers. WZL has also designed and produced a medium-sized passenger plane designed in cooperation with Reglair Aircraft Factory S.A., WZL 100M is still used to transport VIPs in Valruzia. In January 4286, the WZL began the development of a small counter-insurgency turboprop aircraft. The new machune was given the name P1 Volverine (Rosomak). In September the same year the Ministry of Defense of Valruzia ordered 90 new aircraft for the Territorial Defense

Valruzian Aviation Works Products
Jet Fighters
10221034 mikoyan-gurevich-mig29-a-fulcrum--poland--air-force
WZL P1 Volverine
Cargo Aircrafts
WZL C6 Skylift
WZL C12 Wolf
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