Straż Graniczna
Border Patrol
Formed February 4245
Employees 19.500
Subordinate to Government of Valruzia
Ministry of Interior
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
Jusrdiction of the Border1 Patrol
Jurisdiction of the Straż Graniczna
Legal Basis Constitution of the Republic of Valruzia
• Staturoy Laws
Profile • Law Enforcement
• Border Patroling Agency
• Prosecution Agency
Headquarters Nowogard
Ministry Responsible Ministry of Internal Affairs
General Commandant Minister of Internal Affairs
Website www.straz-graniczna.wr

The Border Patrol (Valruzian:Straż Graniczna, SG) is a state agency within the Republic of Valruzia responsible for patrolling of the Valruzian borders as well as monitoring and supervision of the border traffic and preventing of the illegal immigration to Valruzia. It is headed by the General Commandant of the Border Patrol who is appointed and nomianted by the Council of Ministers. Alongside Valruzian Police, General Prosecutor's Office and Customs Office it is one of the prosecution and investigation authorities in Valruzia. It is directly suboridnate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


The Border Patrol of Valruzia is responsible for:

• Defending of the Valruzian borders (land and sea borders).
• Organizing and Execution of Border Traffic Control.
• Preventing from illegal immigration to Valruzia.
• Ensuring the safety of international travel by land, sea and air from and to Valruzia.
• Execution of boundary delimitation and signs indicating the state borders.
• Prevention from contraband transport in and out of Valruzia.


The Border Patrol is headed by the General Commandant (Komendant Główny Straży Granicznej) of the Border Patrol who is nominated and appointed by the Council of Ministers (Valruzia)Council of Ministers. He/She is the supreme authority of the SG and may appoint his.her deputies. The headquarters of the SG are located in Nowogard and is known as the General Command of the Border Patrol (Komenda Główna Straży Grancznej). Border Patrol has its regional headquarters in Pastarnia, Ruzian Voivodeship; Jeziorne Sady, Chynberg Voivodeship; Gryfitow, Gryfit Voivodeship and Szary Kamien, Kampania Voivodeship. Those regional headquarters are responsible for flawless funtionig of the Border Patrol on the territory of the Voivodeships they are in charge of.

The Border Patrol maintains its own training centers and one semi-public university located in Pastarnia - Pastarnia Border Patrol University. Its training centers are: Central Schooling Service of the Border Patrol in Gryfitow, Border Patrol Special Forces Schooling Centers in Dabik.


The Border Patrol is fully armed law enforcment agency of the valruzian government and is treated as twin agency of the Police. The standard armament of the Border Patrol are:

• Firearms: handguns, revolvers, smoothborne rifles, machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles.
• Means of physical coercion: handcuffs, straitjackets, incapacitating nets, batons, tasers, pepper sprays etc.
• Incapacitating nets launcher.

Members of the Border Patrol undergo regular training on firearms usage as well as CPR classes.

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