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Straż Przybrzeżna
Coastal Guard
Formed May 1, 4260
Employees 24.500
Subordinate to Government of Valruzia
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
CG VAL.png
Jurisdiction of the Straż Przybrzeżna
Legal Basis Constitution of the Republic of Valruzia
• Statutory Laws
Slogan Semper Vigilate
Always Cautious
Profile • Law Enforcement
• Civilian Protection
• Coastal Guarding Agency
Headquarters Nowogard
Ministry Responsible Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
Commandant Anna Woroneż
Website www.straz-przybrzezna.wr

The Valruzian Coastal Guard (val.: Straż Przybrzeżna Rzeczpospolitej Walruzji, SPRW) is the coastal defense, search and rescue, and maritime law enforcement agency in the Republic of Valruzia and one of the country's several uniformed services. It operates under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration during peacetime, but the jurisdiction can be transferred to the Ministry of National Defense during state of emergency or wartime.

The Coastal Guard has around 25 thousand active duty personnel, 3.000 reservists, and 5.000 full-time civilian employees, and 45,000 auxiliary members for a total workforce of 78 thousand. The Coastal Guard upkeeps fleet of 105 coastal and ocean-going patrol ships, tenders, tugs, icebreakers, and 1,500 smaller boats, as well as an aviation division consisting of 255 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Law Enforcment Agencies in Valruzia
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