Urząd Celny
Customs Office
Formed January 4246
Employees 23.500
Subordinate to Government of Valruzia
Ministry of Finance
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
Jurisdiction of the Urząd Celny
Constituiong Instruments Constitution of the Republic of Valruzia
• Staturoy Laws
Profile • Law Enforcement
• Custom Service Agency
• Prosecution Agency
Headquarters Nowogard
Ministry Responsible Ministry of Finance
General Commandant Minister of Finance
Website www.urzad-celny.wr

The Customs Office (val.: Urząd Celny), commonly known as the Custom Police (val.: Policja celna) is a customs service department within the Republic of Valruzia subordinate to the Ministry of Finance. It was established by the ordinance of the Minister of Finance and derives its basic functions from the Constitution of the Republic of Valruzia. It is one of the five general prosecution agencies within Valruzia.


• Management of State Income from taxes, charges and impositions,
• Imposing customs duty on goods imported and exported,
• Levying taxes and financial accounts receivable,
• Tax and Customs education,
• Execution of intraofficial audits,
• Control of the exchange offices,
• Idenifing, investigating and prosecution of financial crimes and prevention of illegal trade of goods,

Law Enforcment Agencies in Valruzia
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