Valruzian Petroleum S.A.
Walruzyjska Ropa Naftowa
Valruzian Petroleum
Type Public
Industry Petroleum
Founded June 4279
Headquarters Nowogard, Valruzia
Key people TBA (Chairman)
Products Fossil fuels (Petroleum, Natural Gas)
Services Extraction and Transprtation
Revenue VPO$103.1b (4309)
Net income VPO$27.7b (4309)
Owners Valruzian Petroleum (86.8%)
Government of Valruzia (13.2%)
Employees 61.000
Website www.vp.wr

Valruzian Petroleum S.A. or VP is a oil and gas company in the Republic of Valruzia and headquartered in the country's capital Nowogard. It is the second largest petroleum company in Valruzia, after the state-owned giant WKN Volantis. Currently the government of Valruzia is the owner of 13.2% of Valruzian Petroleum's shares. If meassured by market capitalization it is the fourth largest company in Valruzia.


Valruzian Petroleum is a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, extraction, transportation, processing, refining, distribution and marketing and power generation.

Valruzian Petroleum has governmental permission to explore and exploits oil deposits in Chynberg and Ruzian Voivodeship in cooperation with the WKN Volantis, which is the official administrator of all the deposits in the country.