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Formed May 1, 4247
Employees 340.000
Subordinate to Government of Valruzia
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Legal Personality Governmental Agency
Police Jurisdiction1
Jurisdiction of the Policja
Legal Basis Bill on the Police and Its Functions
Constitution of the Republic of Valruzia
Slogan By służyć i chronić!
To serve and protect!
Profile • Law Enforcement
• Civilian Protection
• Civilian Police
Headquarters Nowogard
Ministry Responsible Ministry of Internal Affairs
General Commandant Jerzy Ulmbach
Website www.policja.wr

The Valruzian Police, officially known as just the Police (Valruzian: Policja) is the uniformed and armed formation of law enforcement in the Republic of Valruzia. Its main goal is to ensure the safety of the society and the security of the wide public. It is one of several law enforcement and investigative authorities in Valruzia. Valruzian Police in its current shape was established in May 4247 after the Sejm passed the Bill on the Police and Its Functions. It is entirely subordinate to the Council of Ministers trough the Ministry of Interior Affaris which is responsible for management, functioning, and modernization of the Police. The main autohority within the Policja is the General Commandant of the Police Komendant Główny Policji.

By both the constitutional reform and structural reform of the police, the institution itself was heavily centralized and set up as a uniform and unified agency of the central government. It replaced the insufficient, mixed system which gave regional governments to form their own police departments which was the reason of numerous authority disputes between various departments, which unnecessarily prolonged the duration of investigations. The reform of 4247 introduced a simple vertical sherarchical structure of the police with the General Headquarters of the Police (Komenda Główna Policji, KGP) as the supreme authority while every other entity of the police is subordinate to the KGP.

Structure and OrganizationEdit


General Commandant of the Police is nomiated and apointed by the Minister of Internal Affaris with the consent of the Prime Minister who retains the full authority to dismiss the General Command at his or her discretion if he or she believes that the General Commandat is not the suitable person for the position or has damaged the reputation of his her office.

General Commandant of the Police is responsible for appointment of commandants in every Voivodeship Headquarters and Subordinate Commands. It is customary that the General Commands nominates individuals who have been approved by the Ministry of Internal Affaris and did not damaged the overall reputation of the Police troughout their time of duty.

Voivodeship HeadquaretrsEdit

Organization of the Policja
Valusian VS Flag Valusian Voivodeship Valusian VS CoA
Voivodeship Headquarters General Headquarters of the Police in Nowogard Police Jurisdiction Valusian
Subordinate Commands Kninsk Police Command
Uniatow Police Command
Trebegowice Police Command
Ruzian VS Flag Ruzian Voivodeship Ruzian VS CoA
Voivodeship Headquarters Brzansk Voivodeship Command Police Jurisdiction Ruzian
Subordinate Commands Pastarnia Police Command
Dabik Police Command
Chynberg VS Flag Chynberg Voivodeship Chybnerg VS CoA
Voivodeship Headquarters Hel Voivodeship Command Police Jurisdiction Chynberg
Subordinate Commands Jeziorne Sady Police Command
Bewierzow Police Command
Kampania VS Flag Kampania Voivodeship Kampania VS CoA
Voivodeship Headquarters Szary Kamien Voivodeship Command Police Jurisdiction Kampania
Subordinate Commands Baltunowice Police Command
Sztolniaty Police Command
Gryfit VS Flag Gryfit Voivodeship Gryfit VS CoA
Voivodeship Headquarters Gryfitow Voivodeship Command Police Jurisdiction Gryfit
Subordinate Commands Szymonice Police Command
Garnacgrad Police Command


Divisions of the PolicjaEdit

Valruzian Police consist of six basic divisions which may be supplemented by additional divisions established temporairly ad hoc in order to better equip the existing divisions with means and logistic tools in order to solve an investigation. The basic divisions of the police are:

Departments of the Policja
Police sub crimminal Police sub preventive Police sub traffic Police sub tech Police sub wow Police sub court
Criminal Preventive Traffic Technical Specialized Court
Criminal Police Departament (Wydział Policji Kryminalnej) - is a department responsible for supervision, coordination and support operational and reconnaissance activities of the Police which aim is to fight criminal activities and illegal drug trafficking. Criminal Police conducts investigations in most seriuos crimes such as: homicide, armed robberies, illegal firearms production and distribution, grand theft auto, forgeries and serious embezzlement.
Preventive Police Departament (Wydział Policji Prewencyjnej) - is a department responsible for patrolling public and, in some cases, private property and acts as a deterrent to the commission of crime. It deals with everyday minor crimes and deliquencies which are contrary with the valruzian law.
Supplementary Departments
Police sub patrol aut. Police sub ITD
Highway Patrol Road Trans.

Traffic Police Departament (Wydział Policji Drogowej)
• supplemented by Highway Patrol (Patrol Autostradowy)
• supplemented by Road Transport Inspectorate (Inspektorat Transportu Drogowego)

Technical Police Department (Wydział Techniczny)
Specialized Forces Department (Wydział Oddziałów Wyspecjalizowanych)
Court Police Department (Wydział Policji Sądowej)
Law Enforcment Agencies in Valruzia
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