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Administrative status
Mayor Shlajkai Genzisrmko
Founded c. 1000 CE
Population 4,700,870 (Est. 3678)
Region Murdhild
Nation Barmenistan

Varishehr is the capital of Barmenistan. It held that position from the Mede restoration in 3504 to 3737 when its rival city Sekhmet was declared the new capital. Most recently its position was restored in 4298 by the Federal Republic of Barmenistan.

While it cannot rival Barmenistan's old capital of Sekhmet in size or commerce, Varishehr is a popular destination for Felinist pilgrims, as it lies close to the locations associated with the mythical Terek the Bullslayer. More recently the city also became sacred for the Ruhi Faith due to the construction in 4358 of the "Shrine of the Messiah", the religion's holiest site and destination of Ruhi pilgrimage.


Varishehr was founded more than 2,500 years ago as a small trading post. It is first mentioned in historical sources in a letter that the Prophet Ahmad sent his followers while residing in the small town in 1154. After that it grew with the growth of Barmenian sea trade and became one of the major population centres in north eastern Barmenistan. It prospered in the years of the first Ahmadi Caliphate and received trade privileges from a number of Caliphs.


Varishehr has a sub tropical Majatran climate. It has the typical wet summers and dry winters. 


Varishehr has a cosmopolitan feel to it and is a melting pot of several cultures from across Majatra and other continents. Its population is estimated to be around 4,200,000.

Ethnic groups (3683)


Varishehr has a reputation as one of the major educatinoal centres of north western Majatra. There are 10 universities including the largest university in Barmenistan - the University of Varishehr. It has more 20,000 students and six faculties. Varishehr is the also the site of the world's largest religious university, the Felinist University of Majatra. Here several Felinist clerics receive their educations and many go on to hold high ranking posts in the Felinist religious hierarchy.